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Top foodies’ kitchen must-haves

03 Oct 2017

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Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland meant a change in the mindset for many Irish people. Frugality was the name of the game, with many swapping dining out for relaxed evenings in with Bake Off and a bottle of vino.

We’ve gotten an awful lot more stylish too in the last decade, with plenty of Irish people as excited to hear about kitchenware must-haves as they are the latest fashion trends.

But with a new gadget or must-have emerging every two months, it can be hard to know what’s an essential, and what’s just a gimmick. It’s easy to get taken in by sleek designs and cute colours, but it’s important to remember not to blow your budget on unnecessary clutter.

Stick to a few key pieces as recommended by the pros. We’ve done the legwork for you and investigated some of the top foodies’ favourite pieces. And who better to turn to for recommendations than those using it all day, every day?  

Joe Wicks: Tupperware

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, is on a quest to get us to lean in (get it?) to the ever sensible idea of  meal prep. And so, his kitchen must-have is Tupperware. Meal prepping is a great money-saver, as well as an easy way to keep an eye on your nutrition levels. And because storage containers are two a penny, we have no excuse!

Sure, it’s not the most glamorous of items – but it certainly makes plenty of sense.

Deliciously Ella: Nut milk bag

With vegan lifestyles and lactose intolerances becoming more and more common, nut milks have gained a huge fan base. Even for dairy-consumers, the wholesome taste is something foodies enjoy in porridge, coffee or in baking.

The major downside? Nut milks can be pretty pricey. Blogger and entrepreneur Ella Woodward’s top money-saving tip is to get your hands on a nut milk bag and make your own. Here’s her recipe for homemade nut milk, so you can give your newly-purchased nut milk bag a whirl, too.

Most Irish people might be quick to consider it a bit notion-y, but look, we’ll try everything once!

Indy Power: Hand-painted plates

Irish blogger and cookbook author Indy Power from The Little Green Spoon has impressed her readership not only with her delicious, health-conscious recipes, but also wowed with her Pinterest-worthy presentation.

Isn’t it amazing how much more appealing kale looks when it’s served on a cute hand-painted plate? Indy’s Instagram is filled with amazing recipes, displayed on pretty serveware – which is clearly her kitchen can’t-live-without.

Investing in a beautiful set of platters and plates may set you back a few bob, but it’s infinitely impressive and certainly looks great at a dinner party. Not to mention all those Insta-opportunities, eh?

Jamie Oliver: Food processor

Lovable kitchen legend Jamie Oliver is full of handy tips and tricks to get us cooking. When Jamie released his ground-breaking book and TV series Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, one appliance made a repeat appearance: the food processor. Jamie used his to whip up healthy, fresh sauces and even just to chop veggies in a flash.

Simple, handy, and very useful.

Hemsley + Hemsley: Spiraliser

The ladies of Hemsley + Hemsley sure make healthy eating look good. They’ve inspired us to ditch the carbs but keep the ‘pasta’ with their Hemsley + Hemsley guide to spiralising. Use a courgette, carrot, or sweet potato with a nifty spiraliser to create long ribbons which you can use in place of noodles or spaghetti.

We promise it’s much tastier than it sounds!

Ina Garten: German knives

Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa, is known for her philosophy of simple but elegant cooking. Refreshingly, Ina loves ol’ fashioned classics, made simply with good ingredients. Even The Barefoot Contessa’s kitchen must-haves follows this mentality.

She recommends the iconic German Wusthof knife set to make your cooking easy but professional. And sure who doesn’t need a set of super useful knives to go with their elegant serveware and giant Tupperware collection?

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