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6 interior design trends to help you survive an Irish winter

21 Nov 2017

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In a country like Ireland where winter often feels like a more than six-month-a-year experience, it’s probably for the best that we cut our losses and make peace with the fact that it’s going to be cold. Sometimes freezing; sometimes too rainy for us to leave our house. In which case, having a home fit for purpose is key.

Making your home more suitable for the cold is like feathering a nest. The goal is to make it as soft, textured and warm as possible. Doing this through décor is a prettier, healthier and arguably cheaper way of cosying up your space than blasting the central heating all day.

Here are six ways you can ensure your home stays on-trend the whole way through winter.

1. Go hygge or go home

The Danish concept of ‘hygge’ loosely translated means cosy and comfortable. All about the simple, inexpensive things that add so much value to your home life, think candles, chunky knits and hot chocolate. Basically, an autumn-themed Instagram post.

It sounds simplistic to think that these hygge elements are what make Danes statistically the happiest people in the world, but it’s worth a shot. We all know the benefits of an early night, chilling out at home. So this winter, make sure your home is kitted out with the most hygge-inducing woollen blankets, knitted cushions, candles and books.

2. Layer up on bedding

The glory of extra blankets might sound like something your gran would’ve preached about, but there’s really nothing like it. We spend one-third of our lives in bed—more, if we have a device connected to our Netflix account! Make that bed as comfy as possible by layering up on stylish throws and cushions.

Not only does it feel good, but it looks super stylish too. Think about the beds you see in interior design magazines; most of them are made up of several bedding elements and styles. Mix and match within the same colour scheme for a curated look. As a rule of thumb; a mixture of stripes, florals and solids is the magical trio. Use basic flat cotton, chunky wool and beaded or embellished fabrics for an interior-designed appearance.

3. A rug beside the door

Nothing ruins a clean home quicker than dirty shoes traipsing all over your clean floors. Minimise carpet stains by placing an easy-clean rug in your hallway. Another handy tip is to put some obvious storage at the entryway so that people can remove wet or mucky shoes before they enter. You can even lay out some slippers for guests to change into. Best of all, this gives you an opportunity to add in a storage cabinet and style the surface with artwork, ornaments and lamps. Win-win!

4. Get into some DIY projects

This one’s a double-whammy. You’ll be creating cute homemade décor for your gaff but crafting is also a fantastic use of a rainy day. Pinterest (we even have our own boards!) is full of amazing ideas to suit any skill level. Jumping on the DIY train can also save you money if you gift your creations as presents. Clever! Try making some centrepieces by wrapping mason jars and zinc pots in ribbon, or go all out and make a homemade candle using some essential oils like orange and clove.

5. Love on luxe fabrics

You may have noticed that interior magazines and trendy homeware stores are filled with luxe, heavily textured textiles. High quality pieces like wool, linen and tweed are everywhere this season, as are more glamorous options like faux fur. Whatever your preference, we recommend stocking up on a couple and cuddle up this winter. Look out for unusual and patterns to up the wow factor – and get you those all-important Insta-points.

6. Bring nature indoors

Remember those long walks as a child, desperately searching for something worthy of the school nature table? This winter, why not relive your childhood - but instead of fields and muddy laneways, hunt in homeware departments for nature-inspired pieces such as rustic, bohemian furniture made from rattan and wicker. If your budget is more actual meadows than Meadows & Byrne, gather a bundle of logs or twigs to create a fireplace display or pop some plants in baskets for a budget boho display.

Looking for a home to cosy up in this winter?

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