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07 Dec 2017

Posted in:  First Time Buyer

A well-maintained garden will add lots of value to a suburban house, and could even be the tipping point for potential buyers. But if you don’t pay enough attention to your outdoor space and give it some TLC, you risk turning potential buyers off (or even lowering the guide price - yikes).

Uprooting a messy garden doesn’t have to signal days of work; you’d be surprised by how much you can achieve in just a few hours once you have a plan of action. To get the ball rolling, we’ve outlined five reasons why your garden is essential to a sale and how to use it to achieve a better asking price.

1. Your garden can brighten your kitchen

Consider how your garden could be used to affect the natural light indoors: it’s not just about neatness.

Brightening up the garden means more sunlight pours through the house, making it seem larger, brighter and more homely (three things all house hunters look for).

Trees and bushes can overgrow and block sunlight from getting into your garden. Worst of all, the blockage can keep the grass and surrounding bushes healthy. So if your garden is overgrown, give serious consideration to hiring a tree surgeon.

2. Your garden can be used as an extension of your home

Don’t think of your garden as just an outdoor space; think of it as an extra room in the house. Stage a relaxing dining area (even if you have to borrow your friends’ patio sets!). House hunters aren’t just hoping to buy a house; they’re hoping to buy a lifestyle.

Your garden should feel like the backdrop to their new and improved life.

3. It is a sensory space

Irish weather doesn’t always provide the greatest incentive to making sure your garden is in tip-top shape. But it’s so important for sellers to create a comforting and sensory experience.

When home buyers invest in the idea of a new ‘lifestyle’, a big factor is the atmosphere, and your garden is the space that carries the most potential. Just think of all the sensory elements which can be enhanced: a bird stand to increase bird song, sunlight on leaves, smells of lavender, fairy lights in the evening, fresh grass in summer, a loveseat with a barbeque.

When you’re putting your house on the market, you need to forget that the weather mightn’t really be good enough for them to utilise the garden. Because all they’ll be thinking is that it might.

If your garden is currently full of broken toys, coal wrapping and random unused building materials, you need to get decluttering.

4. It can add a layer of privacy

It’s hard not to agree with the old saying that, “Good fences make good neighbours.” Of course, having a good relationship with your neighbours and becoming part of the community is advisable. But there’s a happy medium.

If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, this space can be used to increase privacy, through the strategic selection of foliage, shrubs, and even trees. Say goodbye to peeping Sallys or Toms!

5. It’s a ‘grow it yourself’ haven

It’s always worth considering how you can incorporate current trends and hobbies into your home. Again, this is linked back to the lifestyle factor. People are becoming increasingly health-conscious and taking a greater interest in growing their own organic vegetables.

Your garden is a great opportunity to appeal to people hoping to improve their health. Set up a few planters and, if you have space, a mini-greenhouse or raised vegetable bed. The scent of fresh herbs is wonderful – so position a few herb planters beside the garden’s entrance. First impressions make all the difference!

We hope these simple gardening tips serve you well. Who knows, maybe you’ll carry your new hobby on to your next home? Move over, Alan Titchmarsh!*

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