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Ideal Homes show; living room furniture layout

07 Dec 2017

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Biannually, home owners, home makers, movers and improvers gather in the RDS for the Irish Ideal Home Show in search of ideas, inspiration, and information on all things house and home.

It’s an Interiors extravaganza, where attendees can pick up brilliant tips, hacks, and secrets from interior designers, furniture makers, interior architects, and more. So, if you’re thinking of buying a place of your own, this is the perfect event to pick up dream home inspiration.

Luckily, EBS has done the hard work for all you Irish house hunters and have put together some of the top trends in homeware and décor from 2017’s show.

For art’s sake

Gallerist Catherine O’Riordan of SO Fine Art on Dublin’s South Anne Street spoke at the most recent Ideal Home Show and offered her top tips on choosing the right artwork for your home.

Catherine placed priority on collectors (and aspiring collectors!) finding a style that is true to them. She urges buyers not to be afraid to ask questions and to get to know the artist and the piece in question.

“Each piece of art has a story to tell,” she said. “And the more you know about it, the more you’ll know if it’s a right fit.” Another (slightly unexpected) tip was to choose the artwork for its appearance, and not to worry too much about it matching your interiors. “Don’t buy art to match the curtains. The art should help enhance the whole living space, and bring a room to life.”

She makes the point that interior trends come and go, and you may redecorate every few years. A piece of art should withstand all of that and last forever. Lastly, Catherine advises that there is one important rule every art-buyer should stand by: “Go with your gut instinct.”

Buy because you love it, and for no other reason. “Don’t do it for an investment opportunity,” she said, “or because of a popular trend. If you can’t get an artwork out of your mind, you're probably meant to have it.”

Storage is a must

Whether it was a lack of space for necessary appliances, or people saying their current living space is in disarray, the topic of storage was oft-discussed.

The majority of attendees said that their mission for the day was to get ideas for affordable ways they can include additional shelving and cabinetry in their homes. Many people were hoping to speak to cabinet-makers who could create custom storage for awkward nooks and crannies. There’s no excuse for dead space!

Add something quirky

Designers made their room sets pop by using an unexpected element like an art installation or hanging chair. It was these quirky pieces that had attendees stopping to take a look and remarking how great the space looked.

This is something to keep in mind when decorating your home. For memorable décor, think outside the box.

Wicklow-based interior designer Ciara Eloise Crosbie of Homework Interiors created a children’s room for the RDS Ideal Home Show that went down a treat with the young and old.

Using a Scandi-inspired colour scheme made the room cool and sophisticated, plus her inclusion of a canopied reading area and house-shaped custom-built bed with hidden storage and reading lights added a major dose of whimsy.

Make it multi-use

For many homeowners, space is at a premium. They can’t afford to bring pieces into their home that are only single-duty. Clever brands like Joseph Joseph and Ikea have made us very discerning consumers who won’t settle for products that aren’t smartly designed.

In most instances, attendees shopping for kitchen appliances were leaning towards products with several functions. And for furniture, daybeds that fold out to accommodate two sleepers were on a lot of shopper’s wish lists.

Unusual pieces of furniture with built-in storage is a perennial hot commodity, providing both functional and aesthetic qualities.

Gender neutral that grows with age

Many of the attendees we spoke to were couples beginning to settle down or thinking about starting a family. We asked if they had any thoughts for how their plans for the future would affect their decorating plans.

Most responses indicated that people were decorating their current spare bedrooms in neutral colours.

Furthermore, they said that they didn’t think they’d go down the traditional route of painting their future baby’s room pink or blue depending on the sex.

From a practical point of view, people seemed hesitant to spend too much money on anything that was made for babies. They seemed more interested in investing in furniture that will grow with the child and jazzing the space up with cute accessories.

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