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It’s a hassle-free process

If you like the look of our MoneyManager account, but already have a bank account, we can help you switch your bank accounts to EBS. The process is smooth and hassle free in line with the Central Bank of Ireland's switching code and we'll make sure that any direct debits or standing orders you have coming out of your current bank account are seamlessly switched to your new MoneyManager account. Just click on the link to our personal account switching pack to find out all you need to know about the process of switching to us.


Three stages of switching

Stage 1: Drop in

Drop into any EBS office. A full list of our offices is available here. Or you can make an appointment to switch if you want

Stage 2: Document verification

To ensure that your account opening happens smoothly and efficiently, bring all of your identification documents with you when you visit your local office. You need to bring two forms of suitable identification (ideally a passport or driving licence as well as an up-to-date utility bill or recent bank statement) with you. Please talk to one of our staff at your local office if you don’t have these documents

Stage 3: Sign

Sign the relevant application forms

How it works

We will open your new MoneyManager account once your application has been approved and set you up on your online account. Then, we’ll work with your old bank to arrange for your standing orders and active direct debits to be set up on your new EBS MoneyManager account so that your new account is up and running.

Two options for switching banks

You can either switch into our MoneyManager account and close your account with your old bank, or switch all your active direct debits and standing orders to our MoneyManager Account and keep your old bank account open. Please read our personal account switching pack to learn how.

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Got some questions?

Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions

You may also be interested in switching your MoneyManager account out of EBS to another bank account. To do this you’ll need a switching pack from the bank that you wish to transfer your account into and follow the steps that are outlined. This process is in line with the Central Bank of Ireland's switching code. Please contact us if you need more information.

Government stamp duty will be charged at a rate of €0.12 per ATM transaction. Government stamp duty only applies to ATM transactions carried out within Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland). This charge is capped at €2.50 if you only use your debit card for ATM transactions and capped at €5 if you use your debit card for both purchases and ATM transactions. Government stamp duty on debit cards is applied in January for the previous year. Government stamp duty of €0.50 is charged for cheque withdrawals.

If you’re not happy with our switching service, you can complain in writing to our customer support team, EBS d.a.c., 10 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, D02 R126. 

If you make a complaint and you’re not satisfied with our final response, you can take your complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman, 3rd Floor, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

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Regulatory Information

Terms and Conditions apply. The information above is correct as at 16 February 2023 and is subject to change. For further information on EBS MoneyManager interest rates and fees and charges, please see the EBS MoneyManager Terms and Conditions available from any EBS office, on our website www.ebs.ie or by phoning 0818 654 322.