Daily Banking

Ulster Bank and KBC are leaving the Irish market. If you have a direct debit with us that comes from an Ulster Bank or KBC bank account, we need the IBAN of your new current account with your signature, so that your payments continue to reach us.

If you have asked a new provider to switch your current account to them you don’t need to do anything – they will give us your direct debit details.

But if you have opened a new account with a new provider yourself, then we need you to make sure your direct debit with us is connected to your new current account. We’ll need to get the direct debit form from you a week before your next payment date.

If you need a direct debit mandate you can get one here. Complete the mandate, sign it and return it to us at the address printed on the mandate.

If you have not yet opened a new current account with a provider other than Ulster Bank or KBC, you need to do this soon, otherwise your payment will not reach us.

If you or someone you care for needs support, or you need help understanding what to do, you can also call us on 0818 303 568 Mon - Fri 9:00 to 17:00 excluding bank holidays.