Welcome to the EBS document upload webpage. This page is for the sole purpose of uploading your Standard Financial statement and/or your supporting documents

Complete the standard financial statement in one of the following ways:

  1. Online at www.ebs.ie/sfs, please note you must download the document to your personal device to fill this in.
    A user guide is available on the website at:
  2. By phone. Call 0818 33 00 44, Our Telephony agents will assist you in the completion of the SFS over the phone.
  3. By post to the following address:
    EBS d.a.c.
    10 Molesworth Street,
    Dublin 2, D02 R126
  • If you complete your SFS through option 1, we will call you to complete voice authorisation within 48 hours which replaces the requirement to sign the form. Please note, if you submit a signed form via this page you will still receive a phone call to confirm your voice authorisation. We cannot progress your case until this is completed.
  • Please ensure to upload all supporting documents outlined via this https://www.ebs.ie/docuload or alternatively post them to us at the address above.
  • Your SFS will be assessed when we have received a fully completed SFS, voice authorisation and all supporting documents required.  

Please ensure any documents submitted are not password protected

Information regarding required supporting documentation is available below the document upload form.

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For more information contact 0818 330 044 or visit your local branch.

The information provided in the Standard Financial Statement (SFS) and supporting documentation is vital in helping EBS and our customers to understand their current financial situation. This statement identifies your current income, your living expenses plus other expenditure and financial commitments that you may have.

We require you to provide the below documentation along with your SFS:

Required Supporting Documentation
If you are PAYE worker If you are self-employed If you are unemployed
Completed SFS Completed SFS Completed SFS
3 months current account bank statement

3 months personal current account statements

3 months business account bank statement

3 months current account bank statements
1 full months payslip (4 consecutive payslips if paid weekly/ 2 consecutive payslips if paid fortnightly)

Most recent Form 11 (All pages)

Most recent Self-Assessment Certificate or Notice of Assessment

The most recent social welfare receipt for each social welfare payment received

*If the social welfare  payment is mandated to the current account for which statements are being provided, social welfare receipts are not required

All Supporting Documents must be dated within the past 3 months.
Internet statements must clearly show your name and address.
If taking a photo of your documents please ensure all edges of the document are within the frame.
Please note that assessment of your SFS cannot commence until all required supporting documentation is provided.