EBS Intermediary Remuneration Summary Statements

EBS d.a.c Remuneration Summary Statements

EBS d.a.c. is a licenced Intermediary for General Insurance and Life and Pensions Business. Please see below details of the companies we have teamed up with to provide these products and services;

General Insurance: Home Insurance is solely provided by Allianz plc. Payment Protection is solely provided by AXA France IARD. Details of our intermediary remunerations are available on www.ebs.ie/ebsdacinsuranceremunerations.

Life & Pensions Business: Life & Pensions products are provided by Irish Life Assurance plc. Our previous Life Assurance provider was Royal London Insurance DAC. Details of our intermediary remunerations are available at www.ebs.ie/ebsdaclifeandpensionsremunerations.

EBS Network Tied Mortgage Agent Intermediary Remuneration Summary Statement

EBS offices are run by separately regulated licenced Intermediaries referred to as Tied Mortgage Agents. EBS Tied Mortgage Agents are remunerated by EBS d.a.c. for the introduction and maintenance of EBS Mortgages, Allianz plc insurance products, AXA France IARD Mortgage Payment Protection insurance products and Irish Life Pensions and Life Insurance products. Details of EBS Tied Mortgage Agent remuneration can be found on www.ebs.ie/networkintermediaryremunerations.

EBS d.a.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Home Insurance is solely provided by Allianz p.l.c.

EBS d.a.c. is a tied insurance agent of Irish Life Assurance plc for life insurance products.