EBS Contents Only

EBS Contents Only Insurance

What would you grab from a burning building? A smoothie maker? A vintage spoon set? A set of African drums?

Some of our favourite things may be a little wacky; but that doesn’t mean they’re not wonderful. Now just think what would happen if any of those things were lost or stolen – it could cost you an arm and a leg to replace them, never mind the broken heart!

That’s why EBS has created a contents only insurance plan, that is just perfect for apartment owners and renters and all their great stuff.

Why Should I try EBS Contents Insurance?

  • Optional accidental damage cover , this cover is available for an additional cost. This means you can breathe easy when there’s a cup of tea within a five-mile radius of your laptop.
  • Option to pay monthly at no extra cost. Other insurers may charge for this little advantage, but we won’t ask for a cent (we’re nice like that). You can even pay your insurance at the same time as your EBS mortgage to make life that little bit easier.
  • Most claims are registered over the phone with no forms required . Easy-peasy.
  • It’s thief-proof; stealing and attempted stealing of your property covered as standard.
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards covered up to €1,300*.
  • Alternative accommodation up to 15% of your contents insurance amount.
  • Fire brigade charges covered up to €2,000*.
  • Automatic 10% increase of contents cover at Christmas and weddings to make sure all those gifts are covered!

*Subject to a standard €250 policy excess

EBS Home Insurance Guides

Your Home Contents Checklist

As great as they are, sometimes it’s hard to remember all of the items you have in your home. Here’s a handy checklist to help jog your memory and calculate your contents value.

Calculate my home contents value

Important / Regulatory Notice

EBS Home Insurance is brought to you by EBS d.a.c. and is solely underwritten by Allianz p.l.c.

Standard acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply. A policy document including the full terms and conditions of EBS Home Insurance is available on request. Allianz p.l.c is registered by the Central Bank of Ireland.