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Specified Illness Cover


44 common conditions covered for full payment

No one likes being sick. We never know when it will creep up on us (usually at the worst possible time). So to protect ourselves from catching the flu, we wrap up warm in blustery weather. We get flu shots and we take our vitamins (when we remember). 

If we protect ourselves from a cold or flu, it’s an even better idea to prepare for more serious illnesses. Our specified illness cover pays you a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with one of the 44 common conditions covered by your policy – such as malignant cancer, heart attack (diagnosed) or stroke with permanent symptoms. 

It will help you out to pay your medical bills, periods out of work or even having to adapt your home to make day to day life easier.  Request a call back  from your local financial advisor or read on to find out more.


Benefits of our specified illness cover

44 common conditions covered

Our specified illness cover includes 44 common conditions covered for full payment

Additional partial payments

Additional partial payments are offered for a further 21 conditions. The partial payment is €15,000 or half your specified illness cover amount, whichever is lower

Protection for you and your partner

You can protect yourself with a single cover policy or you and your partner with joint/dual cover

Automatic children coverage

Your children, between the ages of 30 days and 21 years, are automatically covered for €25,000 or half your specified illness benefit amount, whichever is lower

Surgery coverage

If you need certain surgeries, your specified illness cover will be paid up to €30,000 immediately so you can choose where you will have your surgery yourself

Organ transplant coverage

If you need a major organ transplant, your full illness cover amount will be paid upfront

9 things you should know about specified illness cover

Notepad at the ready? Here’s some important points to know about our specified illness cover:
  1. You must be aged between 18 and 59 to apply.
  2. The maximum term is 40 years. The cover will end on the plan anniversary before your 75th birthday.
  3. Irish Life Assurance Plc will not pay the specified illness cover if you die, only if you are diagnosed during the term with one of the covered conditions.
  4. You can only receive one full payment under the plan. More than one partial payment may be made.
  5. Once you claim your full payment for specified illness cover, that cover ends and we cannot make any further payment.
  6. Irish Life Assurance Plc will not pay claims in certain circumstances, for example, if you have not given us full information about your health, occupation, pastimes or hobbies.
  7. You can’t cash in your plan – that’s what our great savings plans are for, after all.
  8. If you stop making payments, you will no longer be protected and we will not return any money to you.
  9. A claim will only be paid if you survive 14 days after diagnosis or have surgery.
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You can choose to buy specified illness cover in the following ways.

  • Stand-alone specified illness cover (by itself)

  • Independent specified illness cover (with life cover) or

  • Accelerated specified illness cover (which you have to take out with life cover). 

If you take out specified illness cover, it must be for at least five years but no longer than 40 years up to your 75th birthday. 

If you take out specified illness cover, at the very least, you need enough cover to:

  • pay off your mortgage;

  • pay off other loans and bills; and

  • keep you going until you get back on your feet (on average we would recommend twice your yearly salary).

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