Tracker Mortgage Appeals Panel Membership

Who will hear my appeal?

All appeals will be heard by a fully independent appeals panel who will operate under the Terms of Reference that have been agreed with the Central Bank of Ireland. The operation of the panel will be managed independently by an appeals panel secretariat and all communication with the customer during an appeal will be through the secretariat.

The appeals panel comprises of three individuals:

  • One member with legal qualifications. Either Lisa Broderick, Gary Rice, Niamh McKeever or James Colville
  • One member with accountancy qualifications. Either Eugene McMahon, Aedin Morkan, Brendan Waters or Joe Carr
  • One member with appropriate experience of dealing with consumer affairs. Either Ann Fitzgerald, Ita Mangan, Kevin Rafter or Donal Connell

The members with legal qualifications (i.e. a qualified solicitor or barrister) will be the Chair or Head of the Appeals Panel.


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