Third Party Services


Sharing your financial information FAQs

Under Open Banking, organisations other than your bank (called Third Party Providers) can have access to your account with your permission. This page explains how it all works.

 Acronym   Service    Description 
 AISP   Account  Information   Service  Provider    An AISP allows you to gather information from one or more of your payment accounts, which may be held with different banks, in  one place. An AISP may provide you with consolidated or aggregated account information. 
 API   Application   Programming Interface   An API is a set of tools that allow apps to communicate with each other. In Open Banking the APIs will allow TPPs & ASPSPs (see below) to communicate with each other and exchange data and instructions in a safe and secure manner. 
 ASPSP   Account Servicing Payment Service Provider   An ASPSP is a PSP (see below) that provides and maintains a payment account for a customer. This includes banks and building societies. AIB is an example of an ASPSP. 
 PISP   Payment Initiation Service Provider   A PISP allows you to make payments directly from your bank account instead of using a debit or credit card 
 PSP   Payment Service Provider 

 A PSP is an entity which carries out payment services. Examples of payment services may be AISPs and PISPs. 

 TPP   Third Party Provider   A TPP is an authorised/registered payment service provider. There are different types of TPPs outlined above, namely AISPS, CBPIIs and PISPs. 
 SCA   Strong Customer Authentication   SCA is an extra security layer. You may have used or seen this on other websites called Two Factor Authentication, and it helps fight fraud by strengthening your existing login details. SCA will be required from September 14 2019. 

Third Party Providers (known as TPPs) are Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that may use APIs to access your accounts with your permission.

To make use of these TPP services, you will need to give your permission to the TPP. A TPP cannot access your account without your permission.

AISPs and PISPs are types of TPP.

You can share any payment account that can be accessed through online banking services with a TPP. A payment account is an account that can be used to make payments to third parties. An example of a payment account is an EBS Moneymanager account. Only those payment accounts which appear on your internet banking profile are eligible for access by TPPs.

If you have a joint or multi-party account that is accessible online, each account holder can consent to a TPP accessing that account information. With the permission of just one account holder, EBS may allow a TPP access to joint/multi-party account information to fulfil its legal and contractual obligations, and it is up to the account holder who has given permission to the TPP to confirm that all other account holders are aware of and satisfied with such third party access.
If you have any concerns about the security of your account please phone our Customer Service team immediately on 0818 654 322 or +353 1 665 8075.

TPPs provide their services separately and independently and you should check here whether a TPP is authorised/registered. It is important to check this to ensure your financial information will be safe and secure. For further information, you should check on the Central Bank of Ireland’s website.
If you give permission to a TPP to access your account information, or initiate a payment on your behalf, you will be re-directed to a secure EBS website so that we can confirm your identity using SCA. To complete this authentication step you will simply need to follow the instructions which appear on screen where you will be asked to input your security credentials.

Access to your account(s) is controlled by you. Unless you grant ongoing access to a TPP, which can for a maximum of 180 days you will have to be involved every time the TPP accesses your account. This will involve completing SCA from September 2019.

If you want, you can give an AISP permission to access your payment account(s) for up to 180 days, during which time they may access your account(s) up to four times a day without your involvement. This will allow them to monitor your account activity when providing their services to you without you having to log-on as well. Any renewal or extension of this ongoing access permission for the AISP will require you to complete SCA.
If you are using a PISP, you are required to be involved in every transaction when the PISP contacts us on your behalf. A PISP cannot have ongoing access to your account.

Login to EBS Your Accounts Online, select ‘Manage’ and click on “Third Party Services”. Choose from Account Information or Confirmation of Funds (Payments) and then select the Permission you want to review. 

You can also remove permissions by contacting our Customer Service team on 0818 654 322 or +353 1 665 8075.  

Call charges may vary refer to your service provider.

The performance and availability statistics of our dedicated interface can be found here.

The following abbreviations have been used:

• AISP – Account information service provider
• PISP – Payment initiation service provider
• CBPII – Card-based payment instrument issuer

N/A relates to the fact that no API calls were made on a specific date.