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For secure shopping online

When you’re shopping online, we may need to confirm that it’s really you using your card. 

This is an extra layer of security called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA for short) and makes online shopping even more secure. We will do this by using the EBS CardManager App.

When you’re shopping online and we need to confirm it’s you using the card, we will ask you to check your mobile phone. We’ll send a message through the EBS CardManager app (this is called a notification) and in a few taps you can confirm your purchase.

Finally, you will be asked to return to the online shopping site, to confirm your purchase has gone through.

How to get set up on the EBS CardManager app

Download the new EBS CardManager app from the App Store on your Apple device or the Play Store on your Android device and follow the on-screen instructions to get set up and enroll your device.

Enter your details into the screen as prompted.

Read and accept the regulatory information.

  • An Activation passphrase will be displayed
  • Call the number shown on the screen; you can tap on it to make the call from your mobile If your phone can’t call the number shown, call us on 0818 303 563/or +353 818 303 563
  • Answer a few security questions and tell us the passphrase.  Make sure you have your EBS Debit card to hand for this call
  • Once complete, press “Next"

We’ll send a one-time passcode (OTP) to your mobile, for you to enter on the app.

  • Finally, you will be prompted to set up your own passcode to access the app. This is a 4 digit code  you will be asked to enter on the app each time you need to confirm a transaction
  • For some devices, you may be asked to turn on Push notifications. If you are asked, please select “ok” as the app will not work without push notifications turned on.

You are set up and ready to use the app.

— FAQ —

Got some questions?

When you need to know, you need to know. Here are some useful answers to big questions.

Sometimes we will need to confirm it’s you when you buy things online.  If we do, the Mastercard Identity Check’ screen will appear to prompt you to check the phone you enrolled on.  

  • On your phone, tap on the notification to open it
  • Enter your passcode for the app (this is the code you created when setting up the app)
  • Check the details of the transaction
    • Press “confirm” if you are happy to confirm the transaction. Then enter your passcode for final confirmation  or,
    • Press “deny” if you are not happy to confirm the transaction
  • Return to the online store to finish shopping.

Sometimes, when you shop online you will be asked to confirm it’s really you using the card.

No, you may not be asked to confirm it’s you if we think the purchase is low value or we consider it to be low risk. 

Mastercard Identity Check is a fraud prevention service that helps to protect your Debit Card against unauthorised use when you shop online at participating retailers, this will be used along with the new EBS CardManager app to help confirm it’s really you using your card. 

The terms of service of Mastercard Identity check is now covered in your terms and conditions associated with your account. 

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