Changes to how you login and use EBS Your Accounts Online

On September 14th new banking regulation will change how you use EBS Your Accounts Online. These changes help fight fraud and make your online transactions even more secure.


What is SCA?

SCA stands for Strong Customer Authentication and is sometimes referred to as ‘Two Factor Authentication’. Under new legislation, supplementing PSD2, Financial Institutions must authenticate online banking customers using two out of 3 factors; 1) Something you know, 2) Something you have, 3) Something you are.

EBS will authenticate customers by their Customer ID & Personal Access Code (PAC) (something you know) and their smartphone or device (something you have).

Do I have to use SCA?

Yes. In order to ensure minimal customer disruption, after 14 September customers can still access Your Accounts Online as usual and over the coming weeks we will continue to support EBS customers to transition to the new SCA service.

What do I need to do to get ready for SCA?

To be ready for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) please make sure that we have your correct postal address. You can check the address we have for you by logging into EBS Your Accounts Online. Alternatively you can call into your local EBS office or phone us on 1850 654321 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Click here to find out more about how to change your address.

Get Set Up for SCA - Pair Your Smart Device

Pairing your device is how you link your smartphone or device to your online banking profile.

Set up is easy. When the time comes the EBS Authenticator App will be available in the Apple or Play Store. Simply download the App to your smartphone or device and login with your Customer ID and Personal Access Code (PAC). Then you’ll be asked to enter your 6-digit one time code to pair your device to your online banking profile. You are now set up for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

Once you are set up, each time you login to online banking we will send a push notification to your paired device, that way we will be able to confirm that it’s really you accessing your accounts online.

Step by step guide to SCA set up

  1. Receive a 6-digit one time code by post ( find out more below)
  2. Download the EBS Authenticator App from the Apple store or Google Play.
  3. Login to the App using your Customer ID and PAC.
  4. Enter your 6-digit code into the App when prompted.
  5. Your device is now paired and you are set up for SCA.  

About the 6-digit one time code

If you have logged in to EBS Your Accounts Online during the last 12 months then we will automatically send a 6-digit one time code to the address we have for you. If you have not used online banking for 12 months then please login now to request your 6-digit code. If you need help logging in or have forgotten your login details then please visit our help centre or phone our internet support team on 6658075.

The 6 digit code is a One Time Code (OTC), this means it’s only used once to authenticate you. Once the code is successfully entered into the app it is no longer required.

For security reasons if the code is not used it will expire after 30 days. However you can login to Your Accounts Online to request a new one.

What are ‘Push’ notifications?

When installing the EBS Authenticator App you will be asked to enable push notifications. Enabling push notifications allows us to send you secure automated messages even when the app is not open, every time you log into Your Accounts Online. By responding to this automated message you are confirming that it really is you logging into your account.

Unfortunately if you do not enable push notifications then you will not be able to complete SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and login to your online banking.

If for some reason you have not enabled push notifications while installing the app then you should be able to amend this in your phone settings.