How to register for EBS Your Accounts Online


Need to set yourself up on our online banking system? It’ll make your money management (and your life) that bit easier. Here are all the most common questions about setting up your online access (we’re glad you asked).

How do I register for online banking?
Online banking with EBS is a handy way to manage your money. All you need to do is fill out a form, send it to us by post, and Bob’s your uncle.

  1. The first step is to complete the application form. Click here to open the form. Please note before signing you need to confirm that you have read and accepted

(a) the terms and conditions of internet banking
(b) our data Protection Information and the
(c) EBS Privacy Policy.

If the second window doesn’t appear after you have clicked ‘print’ you may have to check your browser pop up settings as a pop up blocker will prevent the window opening.

  1. Post the printed form to us here at EBS Internet Applications, and we’ll have you up and running as quick as we can (psst - the address can be found at the top of the form).

How long does it take before I have access to my accounts online?
Hang on to your hat; it should take roughly one week for you to receive your new online banking codes (i.e. from the date you posted the completed form). We’ll send you two key numbers which you can use to access your accounts online:

  1. The first is your Customer ID, which you’ll receive by post. If you supplied us with an email you’ll receive it in your inbox too.
  2. The second magic number is your PAC code (Personal Access Code), which we’ll send to you separately by post.

Can I change my Customer ID and /or my PAC?
We want to keep your account safe as can be, so for security reasons, you can’t change your customer ID or PAC to one of your choice (it’s for the best, honest).

I’ve forgotten my Personal Access Code (PAC) and/or Registration Number (oops). What do I do?
Don’t worry, no need for panic stations. Just contact the EBS Internet Support team at (+353 1) 665 8075, who will sort you out with a new code.

You can also mail the team at, or if you’re in the neighbourhood, pop into one of our local offices to request a new one.

I have a mobile phone and a landline, what telephone number do I use to login?
Good news, you can use either. To keep things simple you can enter the last 4 digits of any telephone number you have registered with us (you can have up to 3). If it’s been a while since you registered with us and you aren’t sure of the number you provided then just give us a buzz on (+353 1) 665 8075 and we’ll be happy to refresh your memory.