Online Banking

Online Banking

Responding to Crisis

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and everyone who has been impacted by the current humanitarian crisis in the region. As part of the global and European banking community, EBS recognise the role of banks in the implementation of financial sanctions and we will comply with all obligations in this regard.

To that end, we are currently applying extra due diligence to payments made from Russia. And, as a result, some of these payments may take longer than usual. And in the event a payment causes concern – to EBS or another bank involved in the payment – the payment may not be made.

Customers may be asked to provide additional information in relation to payments and we would advise that these requests are responded to in a timely manner. If a bank has been sanctioned by international authorities, EBS complies with the applicable sanction. EBS will not make payments or receive payments from that bank.

Mastercard has moved to suspend its Russia operations, which means EBS Mastercard debit cards will no longer work within the Russian Federation. This is a rapidly evolving situation. Relevant updates will be posted here.

08 March 2022

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With EBS online banking you can; view your transactions & balances (including pending transactions), pay your bills quickly and securely, transfer money to Irish and European accounts, view your IBAN and print or request an Interest certificate.

Regulation has changed how we bank online. These changes help fight fraud and make your online transactions more secure. You’ll notice that there is now an extra layer of security for EBS Your Accounts Online. This is known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and was introduced on 14 September 2019. To complete SCA you will need to pair a smart phone or tablet to your online banking profile. To find out more about SCA click here.