Common questions about Savings

How do I open a savings account with EBS?
The only way you can open Savings Account with EBS is in person, by dropping into your local office. Unfortunately, this can’t be completed by post, over the phone, or carrier Pidgeon. That’s because we need to validate your ID (and say hi!).

What do I need to open a savings account with EBS?
Whether you are a new or existing EBS customer, to open a new savings account you will be asked to provide:

  • Personal identification documentation –a valid passport or valid driver’s licence will do the trick. But take note, this must be an original, not a copy.
  • We’ll also need proof of your permanent address –a current utility bill, dated within the last six months (Gas, ESB, landline phone), bank statement, motor or home insurance renewal document will do–they must all be the original.
  • Proof of your PPS number (any payslip or government letter is good).

What do I need to open a Youth Savings Account?
If you are opening a child or teen savings account, you will need to provide the above documents for yourself and the following for the minor:

  • Personal identification documentation – birth certificate, passport or your passport if they are named on it.
  • Address identification for the child – for example, your recent utility bill or bank statement.
  • Proof of the child’s PPS number.

Can anyone open a Family Savings Account?
Yes – although this savings account is perfect for families looking to save, it’s also a great solution for anyone who would like to start saving regularly.  

How can I access my savings in my Family Savings Account?
Want to access your savings in the Family Savings Account? You need to make a visit to your EBS office to withdraw your funds. Take note, that you can make one withdrawal at any time during the one year term without impacting the rate of interest on the remaining funds. Good to know! And at the end of year one, you have the option to withdraw all or part of your funds or continue saving for another year.

How do I transfer funds to my EBS Savings Account?
You can transfer funds to any savings account by standing order. All you need is your BIC and IBAN to set up the standing order online (handy). Or you can let your bank do the elbow work for you; just provide the information to the bank where you have a current account, and they’ll look after the standing order.