ECB Rate Change

On 14 September 2023, the European Central Bank increased its ECB Refinancing Rate by 0.25%. As a result we will make these changes to our rates:
  • Tracker mortgage rates will increase by 0.25% for all Tracker and Buy to Let mortgages that are linked to the ECB rate.
  • This change will happen by 01 October 2023 and we will write to all our customers with Tracker mortgages confirming the new interest rate and the date it’s changing.

Got some questions?

A tracker mortgage ‘tracks’ changes to the ECB rate. If the ECB decides to increase or decrease its rate, the rate on the Tracker Mortgage will go up or down by the same percentage.

The ECB has increased its rate by 0.25%. This means the tracker mortgage rate is going up by 0.25%.

We will write to all customers to inform them of the changes to their tracker mortgage interest rate from the end of September 2023.

The direct debit for your mortgage will automatically change, so you don’t have to do anything.

You will need to amend your standing order to reflect the increased mortgage repayment.

You will need to contact your Bank to make this amendment.

Our Standard Variable Rate, LTV Variable Rates and Fixed Rates are not affected by this change.

Details of our mortgage rates are available on our website.

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If you are concerned about your current mortgage repayments, or if you are already in arrears on your repayments, you can speak to a Mortgage Master in your local EBS Office or can speak to us by calling 0818  330 044. 

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