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Children's Savings Account


Enabling young people to save

Does a savings account come with a lightsaber? You know that your kids can ask some entertaining questions. Our children’s savings account is designed to enable young people to save while also allowing instant access to the savings at our offices.


What we offer

Balance & Interest

Minimum opening balance of €1 and maximum balance of €5,000.99. We will give you a higher interest rate on any balances up to €5,000.99, if your balance is more than this, we will give you a lower interest rate on all the money in the account. See savings rate page for further details.

A good start

We will pay bonus interest of €20 (subject to DIRT deduction) to the account six months after account opening if a minimum balance of €50 is kept in the account for these six months. This may affect the interest rate on all the money in the account.

Easy to manage

A Passbook may be issued and you can add the child’s account to your online banking  to keep track of their savings.

Flexible saving

You can lodge or withdraw money as often as you like.

No fees or charges

No maintenance fees or charges on this account.

What you need to know

  • This account is for personal customers only. A maximum of one account per child can be opened.

  • The account is to be opened by an adult on behalf of a child aged up to 12 years. The adult is the person authorised to use the account.

  • The interest rate on the account is variable. That means the interest rate changes from time to time. Where applicable, we will apply any interest you earn every June and December. See savings rate page for further details.
  • The interest and bonus payments may also bring your balance above the €5,000.99, which will result in the lower interest rate being applied on all the money in the account. When the balance goes back below €5,000.99, we will automatically give you the higher interest rate again.
  • Please note that the General Terms and Conditions for EBS Demand Accounts applies to the EBS Children's Savings Account which also has its own specific terms. You can read them here and here
— FAQ —

Got some questions?

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions

By bringing the documents we need with you, you’ll save time and have your new account opened in no time. Whether you are a new or existing EBS customer, to open a new savings account you will be asked to provide:

  • Personal identification documentation – such as a valid passport or valid driver’s licence. You must bring an original, not a copy.
  • Proof of your permanent address – for example, a current utility bill, dated within the last six months (Gas, ESB, landline phone), bank statement, motor or home insurance renewal document. Again, documents must be originals.
  • Proof of your PPS number

If you are opening a children’s savings account, you will need to provide the above documents for yourself and the following for the child:

  • Personal identification documentation – Birth certificate or valid passport. You must bring original, not a copy.
  • Address identification for the child – for example, a recent utility bill or a bank statement. Again, all documents must be originals.
  • Proof of the child’s PPS number

To open this account, the child’s birth certificate or the applicable court order (or other relevant documentary evidence*) must be produced as proof of parenthood/guardianship. This is in addition to proof of identity and residential address.

*Please contact your local Office for guidance

If the child does not live with you, we will need a utility bill from the parent or guardian who lives with the child and a note signed by them stating that the child lives at that address, giving consent for the account opening.

Within four months after the child reaches 12 years of age, we will change the account to our Teen Savings Account. We will write to you when your account is eligible for conversion.

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Important Information

Account terms & conditions apply. Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (D.I.R.T.) at the prevailing rate (for more information see www.revenue.ie).