Everyone should have access to their bank in a way that makes them most comfortable.

There are many ways you can choose to bank, from a simple tap of your card to a full suite of office services. In EBS we try to serve all of our customers’ needs to the best of our ability.

Support if you can’t see very well

On our website, scalable text up and down is available to users. In most of the modern browsers, you can find the 'text size' option in the 'view' menu in the top left of the browser window. There are also printing options available.

You can call us on 0818 300 107 or pop into an office that suits where our staff will be happy to chat to you and assist you with your banking needs.

Support if you can’t hear very well

If you can’t hear very well, our Online banking channel has a range of features that allow you to bank securely when and where it suits you.

Find out more about EBS Online Banking here.

Support if you live with disability

With a network of EBS Offices all over Ireland, you’re sure to find an office near you. So if you want to open an account, carry out a transaction or talk to us about what you want from your bank, drop into your local office here.

Irish Sign Language Interpreting Service

If you are a sign language user, you can contact EBS using the Irish Remote Interpreting Service (IRIS).

IRIS is a government funded charity which provides live video-link access to an Irish Sign Language interpreter. As a sign language user, you can communicate with the Sign Language interpreter over video-link while the interpreter phones a company and translates on your behalf.

EBS accepts calls from IRIS Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

To contact EBS through an IRIS sign language interpreter:

  1. Find out more about IRIS and make an appointment here.
  2. Let your IRIS interpreter know that you want to contact EBS.
  3. IRIS has standard contact details for EBS which your interpreter will use to make contact and translate on your behalf.