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Cross Border Payments

It is an EU Regulation setting out rules for cross border payments and information to be provided around currency conversion charges within the EU.

From 12 April 2021 we will send you a text for the first transaction that you make, in a month, in any non-euro EEA currency with a merchant, face to face or online, or at an ATM.

They are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

No, only the first time in each month. If you transact in another non-euro EEA currency that month, we’ll send you another text message.

The quickest way to resolve this would be to get in touch with our service team. The international service team number is +353-1-6658000.  They will need to speak to the account holder to confirm some details before accessing the account.

Text Notifications

All Teen and Money Manager Account cardholders who use their card to make a payment transaction in a non-euro EEA currency.

You can opt out of receiving these messages by calling Card Services on +353 1 6685500 and asking them. This number is available 9-5 Monday to Friday.


Yes, we will text you immediately after the payment transaction is approved (24 hours a day).


No, it will be a ‘do not respond’ message. There are contact details on if you need to contact us.

If you wish to cancel your transaction you will need to contact the merchant.

The text message will come from EBS. It will not contain any links to click.

Here is an example text:

For your non-euro transaction we’ll typically charge you X.XX% (variable) over the ECB FX rate for this. For more, including how to opt out see our website.

We will text you for all types of payment transactions (online, in person, over the phone and ATM) in a non-euro EEA currency.

If you opt out, it will only be about these texts. You will still receive other texts from us about your card.

Yes, you can opt back in to receiving these text messages by calling Card Services on +353 1 6685500. This number is available 9-5 Monday to Friday.

It will not have an impact on the payment being processed.


Yes, you will still receive the text message if you are using your EBS debit card to make non-euro EEA currency transactions.

Great Britain is not in the EU anymore

When you use your Debit card to pay for something that is not in euro, Mastercard will convert that payment to euro using the exchange rate that applies on the day the transaction hits your account, which may not be the day of the transaction itself. Please note that this amount may be more or less than the amount stated at the time the transaction was initiated.

Please contact our Fraud Department.

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