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Planning ahead for my home

Making it home

There’s something about owning your own home. It’s not the apartment you rent or the house you buy, it’s the home you make.

Even the word ‘home’ can connect us warmly to the important people around us. From buying your first home, moving to another, extending and improving, making sure these big decisions run smoothly takes planning.

Your first home

A mortgage loan makes it possible, but to apply you’ll need a track record of earning, paying rent and saving a deposit. Because we can’t lend you all of the money to buy a property, you need to have enough money saved for at least 10% of the house price as a deposit. And like any other complicated transaction there will be other things to pay for and to save for. Budget for solicitor’s fees, valuations, insurance and renovations.

Moving home

If you’re on the property ladder, the possibility of moving comes into play as children grow. Sometimes the best option is to trade up, but this will cost more than you are paying now. Lots of people ask us should they buy first or sell first? It all depends on whether you can afford to pay for two homes. Many of our customers have sold their old home before they take out a mortgage with us for the new one.

As always. planning helps. Our mortgage calculators can help you figure out how much you might be able to borrow for that first time home, a move or a selfbuild property.

Extending your home

Sean and Deirdre have a growing family. They’ve been thinking how a bigger kitchen and an extra bedroom would take the pressure off the space they had. They spent quite a while getting quotes from builders and shopping around until they had a good idea of how much it would cost. In the end they paid for the extension through savings and an ESB Mortgage Top Up Loan. We can help you figure out how a Mortgage Top Up Loan best fits with your finances.

Home budgeting

Running a home can literally run away with itself and before you know it, there’s little left for the things you want


Home savings

Every once in a while a new look to our home is just enough to keep things fresh and modern


Buying a house

See our helpful information on how to get mortgage ready


Get My Finances in Order

Most of us can be great money managers – we just need the support and structure in place

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