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Don’t even think about saving for a rainy day. At EBS, we’re all about saving for a sunny day. Or at least, a day we can actually look forward to. It’s the only thing that gets us through, because (let’s face it) saving can be hard.

But we all look forward to different things. Some of us like to imagine a family holiday in the sun. Others might think about putting the key in the door of their first home. You could also be wondering ‘Where do I even begin?’ EBS have some special savings solutions, which you can browse through below. Request a call back with your local savings advisor – they’ll be happy to meet you and give you a free, personalised savings plan.

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For some it's finding a home for their lump sum savings that delivers a great rate. For others it's saving a little each month to build a nest egg for the future.

Whatever your needs we've a saving solution to match

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