Standard Financial Statement

How Do I Complete a Standard Financial Statement?

First thing’s first – what is a Standard Financial Agreement (SFS), and why is it needed? The SFS is a twelve-page document used across all Irish banks. It captures information about a customer's financial circumstances (like your household's income and expenditure). It’s main purpose for your lender is to help them understand your financial position so they can provide a personalised solution.

But twelve pages is a lot of filling in. So we wanted to make sure you have all the tips and prompts you need to complete the form. The series of videos below relate to specific sections, so it’s a good idea to have a look at each as you’re making your way through the relevant fields.

The completed financial statement should be returned to your local EBS office. Once it’s received, your local coordinator will get in touch to arrange a chat so they can review it with you.

Section A-B

Section C

Section D

Section E-G

Useful documents for completing the SFS: